Design wisely

Windows web developer used backslashes instead of slashes in URL address. I could fix it by myself but decided to save some time in the future and kindly asked him to do it. He changed everything for backslashes and said:

“But now, nothing is working anymore…”

It could be a good story by itself but I believe that it’s worth mentioning why Windows is this odd freaky weirdo and uses a different notation than anybody else. The short answer is: because DOS 1.0 didn’t support directories and they used slashes for something else. That’s it. 35 years later, it still hurts. And no – I mean yes – Windows 10 still promotes backslashes instead of joining the party with the rest of the world.

So, it could be a story about why my heart is closed for Windows 10 anyway but I rather see it as a reminder:

Designing new things, do it wisely.

Be responsible. Do your research. Give a fuck.