Fixing the new Google logo

Two days of looking at the logo and no, I didn’t adapt. I know that it has only 305 bytes what is really cool but colors are wrong and I have to fix them right now. So, here is the logo:

The new Google logo

…and this is what I see:

The new Google logo color imbalance

No, I’m not colorblind. The image shows subjective intensity of letters my brain experiences. Yellow seems to be slightly brighter and red letters strike my eyes the most. Especially, the difference between red and yellow “o” is quite intense. This effect seems to intensify on mobile devices when the fullcolor worldmark is really small.

This color imbalance is with Google logo from the begining. It was significantly smaller with the “ebossed” version but with flat colors it’s here again.

Before you look at my “fix”, prepare yourself for designer level of pedantry. It will be one of those changes that seems to be impossible to notice until you compare it with the previous version direcly. To do it, move your cursor on the image (or tap on it and then outside to have the same effect on a touchscreen):

The new Google logo fixed
A. (original)B.

Colors are subjective bastards and depend on your display calibration. But what your opinion is:

Can you see the difference? Which colors work better?

A or B?